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Collection of medical clothing Cherokee Workwear was the first collection of Cherokee. It was made of the same materials (polyester / cotton), which the company uses today. The more often wearing feathers and the clothing, the more softens and becomes softer and more comfortable. After the start of series production, this collection has become a popular and indispensable medical uniforms for doctors and nurses around the world. Manufacturers of medical clothing Cherokee has set itself the objective of creating a model range with increased comfort for the daily work of medical staff. Presented models Cherokee Workwear cover a wide range of styles, sizes and colors for men and women.

New collection of medical clothing Cherokee Workwear Core Stretch - medical clothing that combines only the best features: superior quality, style and comfort are available in a collection Cherokee Workwear. The only difference is the unique material with greater elasticity upon, achieved with the combination of cotton and elastane. Familiarize yourself with the collection of medical clothing in our catalog; All the presented models, these are comfort, practicality and fashion look for the best prices.

If you are concerned about the protection of the workplace, medical gowns Cherokee & White Labs are the right choice. They are designed to protect people against all pathogenic microorganisms, chemicals and other harmful elements that usually exist in hospitals and clinics. Cherokee Limited - a reliable manufacturer of high quality medical apparel today offers such high quality goods to our customers. Browse our medical gowns. A wide range of models and forms of your choice, which will show your individuality.

Scrub tops from Cherokee are durable and comfortable. They are also available in a wide variety of sizes and prints.

Brand Dickies offers a large selection of essential medical apparel that has the legendary durability, authentic styling and fit.

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We offer a range of high-quality medical footwear several types and brands
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Dickies Chefwear apparel is as practical as it is good looking. Like all Dickies clothing, these designs are built to work

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Špecializovaná obuv pre zdravotníkov má slúžiť na odľahčenie záťaže pri celodennej pracovnej činnosti. Ponúkame Vám široký sortiment pohodlnej a kvalitnej obuvi v rôznych prevedeniach, farbách a veľkostiach.
Výhodami nosenia špecializovanej obuvi pre zdravotnícky personál, ktorú Vám ponúkame sú:
komfort pri každodennom nosení odľahčenie záťaži na nohy pružnosť obuvi a vetranie obuv je ľahko čistiteľná a nie je náročná na údržbu obsahuje protišmykovú podrážku, tým pádom je vhodná pre všetky druhy povrchov ortopedický tvarovaná topánka zaručí pohodlne a zdravé chodenie imidž a štýl
Zdravotnícke oblečenie Naša spoločnosť ponúka vysokokvalitné zdravotnícke oblečenie amerických značiek Cherokee a Dickies, ktoré Vám zaručia kvalitu a pohodlie.
Zdravotnícke oblečenie týchto značiek poskytuje:
dlhodobú použiteľnosť bez straty tvaru a farby oblečenia reprezentatívny vzhľad štandardne a neštandardné veľkosti široké rozpätie strihov, farieb a vzorov štýlové a moderné oblečenie